Breast Milk Collector Nursing Pad 2pc

Breast Milk Collector Nursing Pad 2pc

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why you need our breast milk collector?

breastfeed the baby are likely to have sore, cracked and scabbed nipples and the problem of milk leaking. In order to make breastfeeding more comfortable, help nipples heal and prevent the problem from recurring, we design these breast shells for you.
Breastmilk Collector - will collect up to 2 oz in each cup at a time.

  • Allows you to save every drop of precious breast milk and none goes to waste.
  • Super Safe. Tested to ensure zero chemical leaching -contains NO BPA or phthalates
  • Protects your nipples from chafing and help with relieving engorgement.

Support for breastfeeding mothers

The soft silicone membrane provides a good fit, which means it is extremely comfortable. The collection shells are easy to empty thanks to the convenient built-in spout.

Benefits of Milk Collection Shells

  • No precious milk is lost
  • Easy to empty thanks to the built-in spout
  • Secure and discreet
  • Snug and comfortable fit
  • Safe materials for you and your baby
  • The shells are BPA free.

Every drop comes with tons of love


  • You are not in this alone. You are part of a team: you, your newborn and your partner.
  • When you feed a baby with breast milk, you increase the chances of developing a strong immune system.


comfortable to wear * flexible silicone will mold to your breast preventing leakage

Easy to Transfer

comfortable to wear * flexible silicone will mold to your breast preventing leakage

The pouring Spouts work as ventilation holes to allow the air to circulate and facilitate the deposit of the collected milk in a container.

Discrete and comfortable

Worn inside your bra without being noticed. They are leak-proof and thanks to its silicone cover they are more flexible and soft with your skin.

Easy to clean

They are Dishwasher Safe, hand washable or they can be sterilized. Why waste money on one-time use products? Must be cleaned after each use.

OTHER FEATURES OF THE PRODUCT - Fits any sizes of bra without influencing the appearance and Portable.


1-Wash and sterilize the breast shells before use. Wear your bra, then put the shell inside the bra and adjust it to fit your breasts.
2-Make sure the air vent must be placed upwards when placing in bra.
3-To take out the shell, lean over a bit to take it out. Make sure the air vent is upward always.

4-Pour the stored breast milk through the air vent to a clean container and keep it in a freezer.



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